September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Claudiu Barbura" Details

Name :
claudiu barbura
Company :
Title :
Director Engineering
Topic :

Spark, Shark, Mesos, Tachyon, Cassandra at scale.

Abstract :

In this session I will share the many hard lessons learned in the past 3 years building and operating large scale enterprise grade deployments of xPatterns, a big data analytics platform that abstracts the complexity of big data infrastructure and data science while allowing engineering teams to focus on building applications and creating value for their customers. I will perform a live demo of building an intelligent big data application from a web console. The tools and APIs behind are built on top of Spark, Shark, Tachyon, Mesos, Aurora, Cassandra, iPython and include: ELT pipeline (ingestion and transformation), data warehouse explorer, export to NoSql and generated APIs, predictive model building, training and publishing, dashboard UI, monitoring and instrumentation.

Profile :
Claudiu is Atigeo’s Senior Director of Engineering, Platform Services, and oversees agile engineering teams in the US and Romania while also acting as Lead Architect in building and operating xPatterns, an enterprise-class, Big Data Analytics platform. Claudiu has 17 years of industry experience in various roles, with a strong passion for Software Architecture leveraging industry best patterns and practices and contributing with a significant level of innovation. His experience spans across the Open Source, Big Data and Microsoft’s Windows/.Net technology stacks

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