September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Mario Vinasco" Details

Name :
mario vinasco
Company :
Title :
Data Scientist
Topic :

Advanced Visualization using Big Data Platforms

Abstract :

New data visualization tools such as Tableau are gaining tremendous popularity as they have empowered end users to produce not only high quality reports, but to perform advanced data exploration. On area where these tools are very powerful is in multi pass analysis, or in other words converting a metric into a dimension and use it to create another metric one level of abstraction higher. This is perfectly doable with a few million records, as calculations can be handled in memory. Tableau has advanced “table calculations” that simplify the process. However, when you have substantial amount of data records, the power of the database must be leveraged in conjunction with the tool. At facebook, we routinely work with very large datasets and use tableau to visualize it. In the process, we use tricks in Hive and columnar databases to accomplish this. In this talk, I will illustrate a few cases.

Profile :
Mario Vinasco has over 18 years of progressive experience in data driven analytics with emphasis in database programming and predictive models creatively applied to eCommerce, advertising, customer acquisition/retention and marketing investment. Mario specializes in developing and applying leading edge business analytics to complex business problems Mario holds a Masters in engineering economics from Stanford University and currently works for facebook as data scientist; in this role he has been providing optimization recommendations to internal search and other critical IT operations. Prior roles included VP of business intelligence in digital textbook startup, people analytics manager at Google and eCommerce Sr manager at Symantec.

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