September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "John Funge" Details

Name :
john funge
Company :
Title :
Chief Technology Officer
Topic :

Predictive Human Analytics

Abstract :

In this talk, you'll learn how Knack uses big data to build on the power of games and to help people discover what makes them unique: their talents, their traits, their true potential.

Profile :
John is CTO and co-founder at Knack, a company that matches people to jobs through analyzing big data from Knack games to discover a person's unique combination of strengths, talents, and personality traits. John was previously Director of Engineering at Netflix where he had roles including leading the Streaming Insight group, forming an Innovation Infrastructure group, leading the development of Netflix for the Wii, and being a member of the patent committee. Before joining Netflix, John co-founded AiLive, a real-time machine learning company that became synonymous with automated motion recognition middleware that was used in top-selling games for the Wii and PS3. AiLive also notably worked with Nintendo to create the Wii MotionPlus that went on to be one of the best selling after-market game peripherals of all time. John grew up in the UK, obtained his MS from Oxford University and his PhD from Toronto University, he has authored three books on Artificial Intelligence and computer games (Game AI), and taught at the University of California Santa Cruz where he was an Adjunct Professor.

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