September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Emmett Soldati" Details

Name :
emmett soldati
Company :
Title :
Vice President of Products
Topic :

Revolutionizing Weather Intelligence

Abstract :

In this engaging presentation, Emmett Soldati, serial entrepreneur and VP Product Innovation, will walk us through his latest venture, Bethesda-based Weather Analytics. What happens when you stumble upon the world’s only comprehensive repository of weather data, spanning 34 years and every country? How do you productize 60 trillion individual atmospheric data points? What kind of decision-making will this support? What new market opportunities become available? In an age of new weather StartUps emphasizing the now, Weather Analytics pushes in a different direction – into the past. Structured and accessible weather history answers business intelligence questions across several sectors: • Which coastal properties are worth insuring based on minimal storm exposure? • Are changing weather patterns likely to affect crop production in the central Chilean growing regions, and therefore prices? • Is the proposed site for a solar-energy installation likely to generate enough solar radiation to warrant financing? • Do chai lattes sell better during rainy days? Come learn about this meteorology-cum-data startup's journey into unchartered territory.

Profile :
Emmett is a serial entrepreneur in his home state of New Hampshire. He comes to Weather Analytics with several years of start-up consulting and marketing experience. A graduate of the London School of Economics, he leads the product innovation team responsible for building product tools and GUI apps in target verticals.

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