September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Moshe Shadmon" Details

Name :
moshe shadmon
Company :
Title :
Founder & CTO
Topic :

Real Time Analytics for Big Data and Time Series Data

Abstract :

ScaleDB provides an elastic, scale-out data management solution for structured data.  What Hadoop did for unstructured data we have accomplished for structured data using standard SQL.  Ideal for cloud, hybrid-cloud or on-prem, our standards based Big Data system can be deployed quickly using PaaS and OpenStack.  This talk includes A LIVE DEMO showing 1.5 million inserts/second of time series data (the inserts update indexes and are saved to disk) while analyzing the data stream in next to real-time.  We will then demonstrate a unified repository on our storage nodes with historical and operational data.  Then the capability of ad-hoc joins across streaming, historical and operational data in real-time using SQL across billions of rows.   This unique capability operates on two tiers of commodity hardware: a database tier (a collection of MySQL database nodes) and a storage tier.   Users achieve elastic scale-out by simply adding database nodes and storage nodes dynamically as their computing needs require.


Profile :

Moshe Shadmon is the founder and CTO of ScaleDB. Moshe has more than 20 years of experience in both technical and management roles. Moshe’s technical experience has been in the areas of database clustering, high performance indexing solutions as well as the development of a unified solution for structured and semi-structured data. Moshe founded ScaleDB in 2006 to develop a database platform that would efficiently manage big data. ScaleDB offers a clustered, disk based database platform with MySQL/MariaDB as the interface. With ScaleDB, multiple database instances operate over shared data and scaling is done by adding database instances to the cluster without the need to shard the data. Special optimizations for time series data support BI type of queries at a next to real time performance.


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