September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


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theo vassilakis
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Simplify and speed up big data analytics with SQL Re-imagined!

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The modern enterprise operates on a plethora of disparate data sources. There is great value in using all of these data sources and asking questions of any data at any time. Currently, however, companies spend a great deal of time slogging through the challenges that come with slow, laborious and opaque data pipelines. Narrowly focused technologies, while well suited for specific types of data, make it very difficult to access and combine data of different types, such as records, logs, documents, audio, images and video. Theo Vassilakis, founder and CEO of Metanautix, will discuss a new data paradigm that allows users to combine data from disparate silos and ask questions in an intuitive way, without requiring the movement of data into a centralized system. This paradigm marries the high-level functionality and ease of use of standard SQL with next generation distributed computing – re-imagining SQL for the new world of big data. Using standard SQL makes understanding the analysis easier for everyone in the organization and greatly simplifies compliance and privacy. The new data paradigm makes it fast and simple for anyone in any organization to work with any number of data sources at any scale and at a speed that enables rapid business decisions.

Profile :
Founder & CEO, Metanautix Prior to founding Metanautix, Theo spent nearly eight years at Google, most recently as a Principal Engineer and Engineering Director of a 75 engineer team in data warehousing, visualization, and analysis. He led the development of Dremel, a large-scale, interactive ad hoc query engine for big data processing that powers Google’s BigQuery, as well as Tenzing, a SQL implementation on MapReduce. Theo also worked on developing large-scale machine learning systems for personalized search ads, audience analysis systems for display ads, and early prototypes of page preview and results-as-you-type for search. Before Google, Theo was a software engineer at Microsoft and Microsoft Research, building data cleaning features for SQL Server and speech recognition models for Windows and Office. He holds a PhD from Brown University and a BS from Stanford University, both in Mathematics.

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