September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


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lukas biewald
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Achieving data enrichmet in the cloud

Abstract :

Collect, clean, and label your data at scale in the cloud ✓ Structure data that algorithms can’t ✓ Optimize machine learning models ✓ Make your data more useful As a data scientist, you know it’s crucial to have clean data to develop strong models and analytics. But labeling data is both labor intensive and costly. And using incomplete or inaccurate data can negatively impact sales, customer experience, or your ability to gain insights. Attend this session and learn how to enrich your data with an ondemand workforce.

Profile :
Lukas co-founded CrowdFlower. He has worked as a Senior Scientist and Manager within the Ranking and Management Team at Powerset, Inc., a natural language search technology company later acquired by Microsoft, and also led the Search Relevance Team for Yahoo! Japan. He graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Computer Science. Lukas is also an expert-level Go player.

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