September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Edward Kwartler" Details

Name :
edward kwartler
Title :
Topic :

Text Mining Social Media for Competitive Intelligence

Abstract :

Gaining insights from unstructured data can be difficult and time consuming. The presentation outlines real world examples of using social media information to extract meaningful insights about competitors.

Profile :
Ted Kwartler is a data-driven expert in analytics applied to production environments. Ted worked in’s customer service organization, using data for coaching, new product launches, call forecasting, and workforce planning. Additionally, he created Amazon’s Social Care Unit serving customers on Twitter, online forums, and multiple Facebook pages. Currently, Ted works as a Director of Advanced Analytics for a Fortune 100 Insurance company. His team of analysts provides actionable recommendations to improve efficiency, understand the voice of the customer, and forecast production demand. Ted holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame with a citation in analytics and marketing.

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