September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Mechie Nkengla" Details

Name :
mechie nkengla
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Title :
Topic :

How organizations are utilizing Big Data and Data Science to optimize their operations.

Abstract :

It's a challenge for organizations that now find they would like to leverage the stores of data they have been collecting, to optimize strategic decisions that will drive the direction of the organizations. The struggles they face include moving from a gut-intuition based model to a more data driven approach, identifying the truly relevant questions that they should be asking and even how to hire the right persons or teams to leverage this very important drive. The talk will focus on the above concepts and some solutions to the challenges.

Profile :

Mechie Nkengla is currently the Principal Data Scientist and Founder of Data Products LLC. She holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Mathematical Computer Science. Prior to this venture, she worked as a Senior Data Scientist at Groupon, where she was responsible for research and operationalization of novel ways to turn Groupon's massive stores of financial data, consumer interactions, and past deals into actionable business information. Her current and past work spans algorithmic product design using mathematics, data mining and machine learning techniques over structured and semi-structured data, always with a focus on business/engineering collaboration and requirements translation for optimization. She holds several patents and has done research at start-ups, academia government national labs, and large companies alike


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