September 08 to 10 2014, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Don Bosco Durai" Details

Name :
don bosco durai
Company :
Title :
Big Data Architect
Topic :

Comprehensive, Centralized Security for Hadoop

Abstract :

With the advent of YARN, enterprises can adopt a true data lake architecture using Hadoop, supporting multiple use cases and applications within the same platform. And with the multi tenant environment comes the challenges of protecting sensitive data, controlling access and monitoring behavior across multiple user groups and different datasets. There is an increased focus on data privacy and compliance controls. Data security is now an important pillar in the enterprise Hadoop strategy. Enterprises are looking for enhanced support across authentication, authorization, auditing and data protection with a centralized framework for managing security in one place. The open source community is committed to bring comprehensive security across the Hadoop platform.

Profile :
Bosco Durai is an Apache committer and currently working at Hortonworks, focused on enabling enterprise grade security within Hadoop platform. Bosco brings years of experience building and managing enterprise data security products. Before Hortonworks, Bosco was the co-founder and Chief Security Architect of big data security startup, XA Secure. XA Secure was built ground up to address the unique security challenges that big data environments bring. XA Secure was subsequently acquired by Hortonworks.

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