May 04 to 05 2015, Santa Clara, CA.


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kameshwar eranki
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Predictive Analytics for Marketing: Pro's and Con's

Abstract :

Identify where and how Predictive analytics are being used in real world scenarios. Discuss how you can quickly extract insights from large volumes of data — and act, while those insights are still valuable and meaningful. Also, evaluate latest trends on how attempts are being made by digital marketers and analysts in understanding performance, and ways & means to optimize future marketing activities, and harnessing data to make intelligent and forward looking decisions.


Profile :

Kameshwar Eranki is Founder, CEO of VajraSoft Inc., a Intellectual Property Software development company based in Silicon Valley, helping customers manage innovations and monetize of IP's. Kameshwar has delivered several award winning Cloud applications and Big data driven analytics applications, driving growth. He has over 22 years of Software Product Development and Business Development experience and has provided solutions across biotech, pharma, semiconductor, energy, finance and manufacturing verticals. He is recognized leader in big data, Cloud Computing and as global IP expert.

Kameshwar holds Master of Science in E-Business Systems and Technologies from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, USA and Master of Science in Electronic Commerce, Golden Gate University, San Francisco.


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