September 01 to 03 2015, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Veerabhadra Manoj Duggirala" Details

Name :
veerabhadra manoj duggirala
Company :
Title :
Topic :

Managing user expectations & privacy in the age of context awareness

Abstract :

Pervasive computing applications often have to deal with end user privacy concerns due to continuous user action monitoring and cloud to client data communications. Because of the complexity of many context aware systems, users may also have difficulties estimating privacy implications of their actions and decisions. We propose a novel approach of client/standalone context aware engine with no cloud communication to offer a broad range of data sensing, processing, classification and actionable capabilities without requiring any data transfer from client to cloud. This client only model relieves user privacy concerns and offers a better way to manage battery and data costs involved with cloud communications. We present an extensible model in which proliferation of Internet of things can leverage a combination of client - cloud capabilities to perform context aware actions without infringing on user privacy.

Profile :
Manoj is the CEO and Data Scientist of Context360, inc., a funded startup that combines sensor intelligence with mobile analytics to generate big data driven user insights. He has an MS from Stanford University, and is a Big Data mentor & startup guest advisor at San francisco's leading accelerator, Founders Space. Context360 is the winner of Wells Fargo startup accelerator, currently modeling big data analytical systems for customers in fin-tech space. He has a thorough understanding of bid data analytics from his diverse career experiences: previously held engineering positions at Invensense, IBM Almaden Research centre and has extensive R&D experience in biomedical startups.

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