August 10 to 12 2015, Boston, MA.


Speaker "Sumit Pal" Details

Name :
sumit pal
Title :
Big Data consultant
Topic :

SQL On Hadoop and Use Case in Utilities

Abstract :

The topic will be divided into 2-3 areas
1. SQL On Hadoop Landscape - products ( open Source and Commercial  and Operational Data Source
2. Discuss Use case implemented with SQL On Hadoop ( Impala and Tableau - The use case details how SQL on Hadoop was used to build Visualizations in Tableau using Cloudera Impala for high performance analytics - to understand Transformer Load Characteristics from Smart Meter Data


Profile :

Architect/Full Stack Developer with expertise in building end to end (data ingestion to visualization) Solutions. Expertise in providing Analytic Data Architecture solutions for Data Science and Big Data problems. Expertise in creating technical vision & understanding customer requirements producing solutions on time and quality. Expertise in Java/Python/Scala, Analytic SQL, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark, HBase, Sqoop, Flume, Impala, Graph DBs,and Tableau. - Strong leadership, mentoring and interpersonal skills. - Very hands on, believe in leading by doing and showing - Proactive in learning and leveraging emerging technologies - MS,BS in Computer Science


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