November 06 to 08 2015, Dallas, USA.


Speaker "Michele Goetz" Details

Name :
michele goetz
Company :
Title :
Industry Analyst
Topic :

Govern Data For Analytics And Insight At Scale

Abstract :

Top-performing organizations shop for data internally and externally to gain competitive advantage, digging deeper into internal and external data. The way organizations provision and manage data has to change in order to keep up with empowered customers and nimble competitors. Michele Goetz will discuss the best practices of leading organizations in terms of delivering governed data, and recommendations on how organizations can effectively and confidently blend the right data and distribute it to the right users.

Profile :
Michele is a leading expert at Forrester Research on data stratgy, data management, data governance and artificial intelligence. Michele has twenty years experience in business intelligence and analytics and establishing data best practices that help companies advance with better insight. Michele speaks regularly at industry events and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal.
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