November 13 to 15 2015, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Jean-Sebastien Jeannotte" Details

Name :
jean-sebastien jeannotte
Company :
Title :
Software Engineer
Topic :

Monitoring and Automated Remediation

Abstract :

A deep look at how Netflix operates its Cassandra fleet and how we survived the 2014 AWS RE:Boot

Profile :
Jean-Sebastien is a seasoned linux (system|software) engineer with 13 years of experience automating management of physical, virtual and cloud based systems, as well as designing and developing software solutions and tools. Self-starter with deep knowledge of Amazon Web Services and Python/Bash shell scripting, he is very passionate about solving production issues through automated remediation. Two years ago, Jean-Sebastien was living in Montreal and working at Electronic Arts when he got the Silicon Valley “calling”. He then joined Netflix to take on bigger challenges and increase his scope of impact while embracing Netflix “Freedom & Responsibility” culture. Outside of work, you can find him riding up and down the Santa Cruz mountains between two episodes of “House of Card”.

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