November 13 to 15 2015, Santa Clara, USA.


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krs murthy
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Conference Chair of the Big Data Conference

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Conference Chair

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KRS Murthy Award winning Executive CEO & C Level Executive with USA level Track Record Led Fastest Growing Companies in USA International Strategist in 26 verticals for companies and nations Academician, Adviser to universities and a Founder of University of California, Merced Award winning Professor, Advisor to Chancellors / Deans / Provosts of Universities, Advisor to Heads of States of Countries Industries with Most Experience Telecommunications: 15 years Renewable Energy (Solar, Algae, Fuel Cells etc.): 15 years Aerospace / Defense: 15 years E Learning / Video Games / Education: 8 years Nano - Micro: 10 years Big Data: 8 years National Strategy: 15 years University / College Education Industry: (Founder / Adviser) - 15 years International Conferences - Organizing, Keynote etc: 25 years Mergers and Acquisitions: 5 years Accelerated Corporate Growth and Corporate Governance: 15 years Highest P&L & Corporate Level Executive Responsibility P&L $500 M and valuation $3.5B Largest Team Managed: Over 2000 Managed Business Units and Divisions of Fortune 50 Companies Current and Previous BOD Positions Chairman of the Board of companies in Solar, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy and IT/ SW University Adviser - University of California System (UC System) Boards Career and Professional Highlights Polymath with expertise and success track record in many executive levels in Fortune 50, Medium, Small and Early Stage Companies. Very strong and deep in many science and technology areas, diverse functional levels, types of products, vertical markets, geographical markets Famous public speaker: moe than 150 keynotes, talks, expert panels, international conferences. Personally networked with CXOs, Who's Who, Industry Pioneers & Fathers of Technology and Heads of States of few countries. Performed many functions: Chairman, CEO, President, COO, CTO, CFO, BOD, Adviser. Many types of Industries: Telecommunications, Aerospace, Defense, Consumer, Industrial, Manufacturing, Education, E Learning Adviser to Countries and Developed National Strategies Selected highlights of my track record of life long successes: I am an expert on corporate level strategy. I have developed corporate and national level strategies in few verticals, including big data. I can send a full list based on any special requirement. I am an expert in market research, competitive analysis, competive strategy, market positioning, event marketing, and all aspects of marketing functions. I was especially selected to review books by authorities in marketing. As an expert book reviewer, I have reviewed books along with other Who's Who in marketing like Prof. Philip Kotler and Late Prof. CK Prahlad As an authority in marketing and corporate management, I have lectured and delivered keynotes and shared stage with many of the world famous subject matter experts and authorities in science, technology, business, marketing and corporate governance. I was a professor of five different departments including the management department. Internationally Successful C Level Business Executive with Record Growth in USA: $60M to $500M in one year; $3.5B valuation; International Expert in BOD & Corporate Governance Knows Who’s Who in Industry for Sales, Marketing, Business Development Products & Services Shared stage with Who’s Who & Nobel winners, delivered key notes, organized, chaired international conferences, expert sessions, panels in big data, nano, green energy, composites, telecom, wireless, mobility, corporate governance, M&A, national & international strategy

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