Speaker "Dave Bechberger" Details

Name :
dave bechberger
Company :
Title :
Principal Architect
Topic :

More “Edge”-y Big Data with Graph Databases

Abstract :

This is an introduction to graph databases tailored for those with a relational database (e.g. SQL) background. We’ll show how graph databases differ from relational databases, list the types of problems best solved by graph databases, introduce Gremlin- a graph query language, and show an example of an OLAP-type of query of a graph database

Profile :

Dave is a seasoned software professional working at Expero Inc. as an Architect. His wide range of experience has brought many projects to fruition across industries such as SaaS, R&D productization and scientific computing. He is also a certified Apache Cassandra Architect and DataStax Certified Architect. Dave is passionate about selecting the right tool to solve customer problems, working with teams to exceed expectation.


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