March 07 to 09 2016, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "David Talby" Details

Name :
david talby
Company :
Title :
Chief Technology Officer
Topic :

Lessons learned productizing data science: Software Development vs. Model Development Best Practices

Abstract :

Planning, staffing, testing, launching, monitoring & scaling large-scale predictive models, recommenders & rankers poses fundamentally different challenges than managing traditional apps, API's and services. This talk covers the key risk points and field-proven best practices, that every engineering manager venturing into data science should plan for.

Profile :
David Talby is Atigeo’s chief technology offer, leading the developments of its big data analytics platform. David has extensive experience in building and operating web-scale analytics and business platforms, as well as building world-class, agile, distributed teams. Previously he was with Microsoft’s Bing group where he led business operations for Bing Shopping in the US and Europe, and earlier he worked at Amazon both in Seattle and the UK, where he built and ran distributed teams which helped scale Amazon’s financial systems. David holds a PhD in Computer Science along with two masters degrees, in computer science and business administration.

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