March 07 to 09 2016, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Anurag Kapoor" Details

Name :
anurag kapoor
Company :
Title :
Analytics Leader
Topic :

Zero to One for analytics at a Startup

Abstract :

Having worked at many big companies where you take data for granted, it was a learning experience to build a team and all the analytic processes at a startup. Going from zero to one.

Profile :

18+ years working experience in Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Fraud Analytics & Operation, and Statistical Modeling across Finance, Retail, E-commerce, and Social network industry. Currently leading the Business Analytics and Intelligence team at Nerdwallet supporting Business, Product, Marketing, Operation and Sales business line. We are working closely with all cross-functional teams to provide end to end and scalable Analytical solutions. Before working at Nerdwallet Anurag worked for Linkedin, eBay, Kaiser and Gap.


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