March 07 to 09 2016, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Viral Bajaria" Details

Name :
viral bajaria
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Chief Technology Officer
Topic :

Building a Predictive Intelligence Engine

Abstract :

We live in a world where people leave behind a digital footprint everywhere. In the consumer world, companies like Amazon and Google leverage those insights to anticipate what you want before you know you want it. But in B2B, the complexity and irregularity of data coming in creates a previously unsolved problem: understanding who's "in market" to buy. In this session, 6sense CTO and cofounder Viral Bajaria will explain the formula for reaching the B2B buyer early in the sales cycle by tying together billions of rows of customer touchpoint data and overlaying predictive intelligence technology. The magic is in combining time-sensitive data with unstructured data, like the activity on thousands of B2B publishers' sites, and structured behavioral data to create a behavioral catalogue that analyzes data from across the Web. Viral will share how to reuse most of your model-building pipeline in production, how to produce 100s of models each day using H2O, Docker, Mesos and Hive and how to run multiple models on the same dataset to monitor performance. This formula has paid off in spades for Fortune 1000 companies like Cisco, who generated $300 million net-new business closed from new opportunities identified using 6sense's predictive technology.

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