March 07 to 09 2016, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Krishna Sankar" Details

Name :
krishna sankar
Company :
Title :
Data Scientist
Topic :

 Keynote Panel: Solving Business Problems With Data Science

Abstract :

 Keynote Panel: Solving Business Problems With Data Science

Profile :

Krishna Sankar is a Chief Data Scientist at, where he is focusing on enhancing use experience via inference, intelligence & interfaces. Earlier stints include Principal architect/Data Scientist/Tata America Intl, Director of Data Science/Bioinformatics startup & as a Distinguished Engineer/Cisco. He has been sparking at various conferences about Data Science [], Machine Learning [], Social media Analysis [] as well as has been guest lecturing at the Naval Postgraduate School. His other passion is Lego Robotics – earlier in April, he was at St.Louis FLL World Competition as Robots Design Judge.


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