Speaker "Bob Familiar" Details

Name :
bob familiar
Company :
Title :
Chief Architect
Topic :

Microservices, DevOps, IoT and Azure

Abstract :

This session will provide practical guidance on how to architecture and implement an Azure hosted IoT solution using the Azure IoT stack including IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, DocumentDb, SQL Database, Service Bus, Azure Web Sites and Cloud Services. Best Practices and technical details on automating an IoT SaaS solution that provides device management, high volume telemetry ingestion, transformation and routing, real-time status and notifications, data visualization and analytics will be covered.

 What you will learn:

a) What is the role of Automation in an IoT and Microservices solution
b) How to manage the ingestion of high volume telemetry, perform real-time transformations and routing
c) How to provide data visualization and provide real-time notification of alarm states

Profile :
Bob Familiar is the National Practice Director for Application Services at BlueMetal. As National Director, Bob leads a team of seasoned Principal Architects who are responsible for industry research & development, rapid prototyping and outreach to the technology community. They are responsible for defining BlueMetal's technical direction and offerings and provide strategy and guidance to BlueMetal clients on their most important and challenging projects. Bob is an accomplished software professional, evangelist and author. Bob has been working in the software industry for 30 years, holds a patent in object relational architecture and technology and is author of Microservices, IoT and Azure available from Apress publishing.
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