August 30 to 01 2016, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Behrang Asadi" Details

Name :
behrang asadi
Title :
Chief Scientist
Topic :

From Machine Data to Insight: Improving machine up-time by exploiting advanced analytics solutions.

Abstract :

Predictive Maintenance is an emerging area under practical application of both descriptive and predictive analytics. At Danaher we turn our Data Science solutions to our products reliability and cost saving. I will present one of our several Danaher use-cases where Predictive Analytics helps reduce one of our products down-time and cuts a significant amount of service cost.

Profile :
Behrang Asadi currently leads a team of Data Scientists at Danaher Labs focusing on: IoT Predictive Maintenance, Risk Analytics, and Business Intelligence. He holds a PhD from University of California San Diego and his experience spans across variety of industrial segments from Digital Advertising to Financial Services to IoT.

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