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ajmal karuthakantakath
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Distributed computing: a practical approach using AKKA with code Demo

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This is a one hour session with code samples deep dives into details on how to implement a distributed computing stack using AKKA framework. Talks explains with code samples (1) How to use AKKA clustering to setup a distributed compute nodes, (2) Dives into AKKA cluster sharding details (3) How to use AKKA persistence/event sourcing using Cassandra as a back-end. (4) Session ends with how to implement a high-performant complex event processing engine which consumes stream of events coming through Kafka or other end-points and implements complex event processing using open source Esper CEP engine that runs on the AKKA cluster. The setup can support resiliency, scalability, test driven development and other features such as AKKa Actor Time-To-Live and Message expiry. The attendees are provided with an SDK that simplifies the above steps.

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