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ashwini kuntamukkala
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Software Architect
Topic :

Pros and Cons of MicroServices Architecture. Hands on labs using Pivotal CloudFoundry and RedHat OpenShift

Abstract :

For most enterprises, it is not a question of if but when they will execute a viable cloud strategy. When that happens, IT operations teams have their task cut out but what about application development and delivery teams? The common patterns of on-premise old-school application development and practices become anti-patterns when faced with challenge of developing applications that will run on infrastructure provisioned as code in the cloud. Along with that comes the risk of cloud vendor lock-in. While the popular open source PaaS solutions such as Cloud Foundry and OpenShift prevent IaaS vendor lock-in, solution architects and developers need to up their game to build cloud native applications. In this talk, we will go over important considerations from a mindset point of view when building a cloud native applications. We will cover pros and cons of choices you'll make and most importantly, we will do hands on exercises using Pivotal Cloud Foundry and RedHat OpenShift Origin PaaS to see in action how to build cloud native applications!


Profile :

Ashwini is a Software Architect focusing on Big Data and NoSQL initiatives. He has over 10 years of experience in leading and implementing enterprise grade solutions in pharmacy, health care and travel industries. He is enthusiastic about open source, cloud, and mobile development. At SciSpike, a development and consulting firm, he makes clients successful in adopting best enterprise software development and governance practices through consulting, training and software development services.


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