Speaker "William Mcknight" Details

Abstract :

As companies grow in their realization of the value of information as a strategic asset, a re-evaluation of information architecture maturity and capabilities becomes essential. This has led many to corral their unwieldy, expensive environment into a more manageable and cost-effective infrastructure that produces the elusive bankable company numbers and metrics. During this session, industry expert William McKnight will highlight key strategies leading-edge companies have adopted to reduce the complexity of their data warehouse environment for maximum efficiency.

  • Inefficient Information Architecture
  • Methods of Data Mart Consolidation
  • Databases and data warehouse continued relevance
  • Many data warehouses, 1 data warehouse
  • Columnar orientation to databases
  • Keys to Data Mart Consolidation Success.
Profile :

William is President of McKnight Consulting Group (www.mcknightcg.com). He is an internationally recognized authority in information management. His consulting work has included many of the Global 2000 and numerous midmarket companies. His teams have won several best practice competitions for their implementations and many of his clients have gone public with their success stories. His strategies form the information management plan for leading companies in various industries. William is author of the book “Information Management: Strategies for Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Data”. William is a very popular speaker worldwide and a prolific writer with hundreds of articles and white papers published. William is a distinguished entrepreneur, and a former Fortune 50 technology executive and software engineer. He provides clients with strategies, architectures, platform and tool selection, and complete programs to manage information.


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