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Data Lakes are typically visualized as a sink for all data, a place where everything can be put in raw/partially treated format that Data Scientists can use for their analyses. Cost of storage and speed of access is given priority in the design via the end use cases. In this talk, we will discuss how to start conceptualizing a "Data Lake" and execute it to ensure best efficiency from data collection through storage to preparation to analysis to eventual insights delivery.

"As Director, Analytics for the Digital Developed Markets department at Visa Inc., I am responsible for helping the Leadership & Stakeholders with actionable insights derived from Analytics. The business questions span the whole spectrum across the Product, Marketing, Sales and Relationship. We leverage any of the various options, i.e., Strategic analysis, Advanced Analytics, Text Analytics, Research or Mining depending on the problem being solved. The operating philosophy of our team is that “our success is the success of our Customer”. At the summit - I hope to meet the thought & action leaders of the space, listen to the huge “success stories” up & close and understand what to expect in future."

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