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Global Big Data Conference

Monday , 01/28/2013
Santa Clara
Global Big Data Conference

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Global Big Data Conference - Santa Clara


8:00AM-9:00AM Registration & Networking

Keynote Session
Topic: Big Data and the Future of the Enterprise
Aiaz Kazi(SVP and Head of Technology and Innovation Platform Market Strategy, SAP)
Room : Great America JX


Keynote Session
Topic: Heavily ARMed: efficient architectures for bigger and faster data 
Niall Dalton(Chief Software Architect & Technical Fellow, Calxeda)
Room : Great America JX

10:00AM-10:30AM Keynote Session
Topic: Unlocking the Value of Data
Aaron DeYonker(VP Products, Siemens)
Room : Great America JX

Keynote Session
Topic: How Big Data will "Cross the Chasm" from experimentation to mainstream
Todd Goldman(VP & GM, Informatica)
Room : Great America JX

11:0AM-11:10AM Break
11:10AM- 12:10PM

Parallel Big Data Sessions

Panel Discussion Topic: Big Data Analytics : What's the next big thing for data, both big and small?
Tim Piatenko (Data Scientist, Badgville)
Cliff Cate(VP, GoodData)
SriSatish Ambati(CEO,0xdata)
Michael Hummel(CEO,ParStream)
Abhishek Gattani(Senior Director & Distinguished Architect, Walmart Labs)
Shashank Tiwari(Founder, Treasury of Ideas  & Author) - Moderator
Room : Great America JX

11:10AM-11:40AM Topic: Migrating from Expensive Data Warehouse Solutions To Open Source Big Data Solutions
Eddie Satterly (Chief Big Data Evangelist, )
Room : Great America K
11:40AM-12:10AM Topic:  Evaluating NoSQL Performance: Which Database is Right for Your Data?
Renat Khasanshyn ( CEO, Altoros)
Room : Great America K
12:10PM-1:00PM Lunch Break & Networking
12:30PM-1:00PM Lunch Session
Topic: Big Data Bigger Failure: 10 Key Strategies to avoiding becoming big data road kill
Sheridan Hitchens( VP Data Products, Auction)
Room : Great America JX

Parallel Big Data Sessions

Topic: Using realtime SQL2003 to query JSON on Hadoop with Apache Drill
(Software Architect, MapR Technologies)
Room : Great America JX

Topic: Big Data Real-time processing platform
Sewook Wee(Big Data Architect, Accenture)
Room : Great America K


Parallel Big Data Sessions

Topic:  Big Data Real Time Analytics: Lessons learnt from Google & Microsoft
Theodore Vassilakis(Director of Engineering,Google &  Dremel Paper Co-Author)
Room : Great America JX

Topic: Big Data Applications for Telecom
Sanjay Kalra (VP & GM Broadband, Cable and Media Business Unitt, Guavus)
Room : Great America K

2:00PM-2:05PM Break
2:05PM - 2:35PM

Parallel Big Data Sessions

Topic:  Re-Imagining Business Intelligence
Vijay Chakravathy (CEO,  EdgeSpring)
Room : Great America JX

Topic:  How real companies use Couchbase NoSQL Document Database for their Interactive Applications
Dipti Borkar (Director, Product Management, Couchbase)
Room : Great America K


Parallel Big Data Sessions

Topic: Building the Information Genome -- the Graph of How We All Fit Together
Jim Adler(VP of Data Systems and Chief Privacy Officer, Inome)
Room : Great America JX

Topic: Machine Learning: Sense Making and Prediction Like the Human Brain
Dr. Paul Hofmann(CTO, Saffron Technology)
Room : Great America K

3:05PM-3:10PM Break

Parallel Big Data Sessions

Topic:  Hadoop: A View from the Trenches
Milind Bhandarkar(Chief Scientist, Machine Learning Platform, EMC)
Room : Great America JX

Topic: Solving Complex Data Needs with a Combination of Great Technology, UX and People : Next Generation Mobile
Puneet Mehta( CEO, MyCityWay)
Room : Great America K


Parallel Big Data Sessions

Topic: Security and Privacy in a Big Data World
Flavio Villanustre(VP Infrastructure & Security, LexisNexis Risk Solutions)
Room : Great America JX

Topic: Big Data in Health Care
Dr. Yan Chow(Director,Innovation & Advanced Technology Group, Kaiser Permanente)
Room : Great America K

4:10PM -4:20PM Break

Big Data Startups Pitch - Sponsored by SAP

Panel Judges
Mike Dauber (Investor, Battery Ventures)
Anders Ranum(Venture Partner, SAP Ventures)
Dharmesh Thakker(Board Observer at 10gen & Director, Intel Capital)
Venky Rangachari(CIO, Thomson Reuters)
Sameer Khera(Sr Director of IT, Franklin Templeton) - Moderator
Room : Great America JX

Big Data Architects

5:30PM-6:00PM Networking

Workshop - MongoDB in an hour - Shashank Tiwari(Founder,reasury of Ideas  & Author of Professional NoSQL)
Room : Great America JX

NOTE: Agenda and speakers subject to change without notice

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