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50 Companies Leading The AI Revolution, Detailed Posted on Mar 20 - 2017

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The top countries for startups are: US 39, China 3, Israel 3, UK 3, France 1, Taiwan 1.

For US, the top states are CA 23, MA 6, and NY 4.

Here is the total funding by areas, which shows that the areas with most funding are AD Sales & CRM, Core AI, and BI & Analytics.

AD Sales, CRM ($824M)

  1. (Provo, UT) $251.2M, offers sales acceleration platform built on a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine.
  2. Persado (New York, NY), $66M raised, providing cognitive content platform that generates the precise combination of words, phrases, and images that inspires action.
  3. APPIER (Taipei, Taiwan), $49M, offering next generation cross-screen marketing solutions to advertisers across the globe.
  4. DrawBridge (San Mateo, CA), $46M, is largest independent cross-device identity company that enables brands to have seamless conversations with consumers.

Autotech ($324M)

  1. Zoox (Menlo Park, CA) $290M, is a robotics company pioneering autonomous mobility as-a-service.
  2. Nauto, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) $14.9M, is an AI-powered autonomous vehicle technology company.
  3. nuTonomy (Cambridge, MA) $19.6M is a self-driving car company that focuses on inventing software for self-driving vehicles and autonomous mobile robots.

Business Intelligence and analytics ($562M)

  1. Dataminr (New York, NY) $183.44M, develops modular desktop and API products that provides custom signal creation, integration of data sets and back-testing services.
  2. Trifacta (San Francisco, CA) $76.3M, is a software company developing productivity platforms for data analysis, management and manipulation.
  3. Paxata (Redwood City, CA) $60.99M, is the first Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform built for the analyst to turn raw data into ready data for analytics.
  4. DataRobot (Boston, MA) $57.42M, provides a predictive analytics platform to rapidly build and deploy predictive models the cloud or an enterprise.
  5. Context Relevant (Seattle, WA) $44.3M, is a big data analytics company.
  6. Tamr (Cambridge, MA) $41.2M, makes data source connectivity and enrichment fast, cost-effective, scalable and accessible to the entire enterprise.
  7. CrowdFlower Inc. (San Francisco, CA) $38M, is the essential human-in-the-loop platform for data science teams.
  8. RapidMiner (Boston, MA) $36M, is a Data Science Platform that empowers organizations to easily prepare data, create models and operationalise predictive analytics.
  9. (Tel Aviv, Israel) $23.9M, is an enterprise-grade ELK as a service with alerts, unlimited scalability, and predictive fault detection.

Commerce ($97M)

  1. BloomReach (Mountain View, CA) $97M, develops a cloud marketing platform analyzing big data to help clients surface relevant content through search engines.

Conversational AI/Bots ($121M)

  1. Mobvoi Inc. (Beijing, China) $71.62M, is a mobile voice search company.
  2. (New York, NY) $34.3M, is an AI-powered personal assistant that supports its users in scheduling meetings and more.
  3. MindMeld (San Francisco, CA) $15.4M, is an advanced AI platform powering a new generation of intelligent conversational interfaces.

Core AI ($604M)

  1. Sentient Technologies (San Francisco, CA) $135.78M, has created the largest and most powerful intelligent system in the world to transform how businesses tackle complex problems.
  2. Voyager Labs (Israel) $100M, develops core technology with the capability to analyze billions of data points worldwide from multiple sources in real-time.
  3. Ayasdi (Menlo Park, CA) $106.35M, offers a machine intelligence platform that helps organizations gain transformative advantage from big data.
  4. Digital Reasoning (Franklin, TN) $73.96M, is a leader in Cognitive Computing for the Enterprise.
  5. Vicarious  (San Francisco, CA) $72M, develops Recursive Cortical Network™, a visual perception system that interprets the contents of photographs and videos.
  6. Affectva (Waltham, MA) $33.72M, Affectiva Emotion AI humanizes how people and technology interact.
  7. (Mountain View, CA) $33.6M, providing fast scalable Machine Learning API for smarter applications.
  8. CognitiveScale (Austin, TX) $25M, provides enterprise cognitive cloud software.
  9. Numenta (Redwood City, CA) $24M, leading the new era of machine intelligence.

Cyber-security ($335)

  1. Cylance (Irvine, CA) $177M, is a global provider of cybersecurity products and services to solve the world's most difficult security problems.
  2. Darktrace (London, UK) $104.5M, provides enterprise immune system technology for cyber security.
  3. Sift science (San Francisco, CA) $53.6M, offers large-scale machine-learning technology services that help e-commerce businesses detect and fight fraud.

Fintech ($102M)

  1. Kensho (Cambridge, MA) $67M, combines natural language search, graphical user interfaces, and secure cloud computing to create a new class of analytics tools.
  2. Alphasense (San Francisco, CA) $35M, is the intelligent Search Engine that provides sophisticated semantic analytics to give you an unprecedented information edge. View More

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