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Latino Group Bets On Big Data To Accelerate Diversity Across Silicon Valley Posted on Jul 16 - 2017

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In an earlier life, working as a management consultant for a Big Four firm, I learned about both the practical and political importance of lists that went by the name of "best companies to work for in [pick a year]" (there are several such rankings). What was interesting to me was how the annual rankings not only had the effect of driving accountability in the higher echelons of the HR world. It also fostered competition among the firms who understood the marketing value that a high ranking had for recruitment, retention, and general reputation.

My company wore the perennial badge proud, posting and promoting it every place it could. The rankings performed like a carrot (a reward) and a stick (a punishment), but the company I worked for sure loved carrots.

I thought about this dynamic last week when catching up with Manny Ruiz, founder of Hispanicize Media Group (HMG), which today is announcing the launch of a project that will rate Silicon Valley companies across a broad set of diversity-and-inclusion metrics. The project -- dubbed the Hispanicize Silicon Valley Rankings -- will deliver its first report in October at an HMG event in Los Angeles. Spearheading the research is Claudia Gonzalez Romo, an emerging national leader in diversity who recently won the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Multicultural Leadership Award.  Behind her are leaders at organizations and academic institutions including the Latino Startup Alliance and California State Fullerton.

 This is noteworthy. First, what HMG is doing is in fact a first. How diversity and inclusion are measured and reported in the aggregate, though some companies that self report break out the metrics on women, African Americans, Latinos, and others. It's been hard to track overall progress with any specific group. And with the lack of comprehensive third-party data and insight, it's been hard to exert influence. View More  


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