March 27 to 29 2017, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Anil Vasudeva" Details

Name :
anil vasudeva
Company :
Title :
President & Chief Analyst
Topic :

Panel: The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Moderator

Abstract :

Panel: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Profile :

Anil Vasudeva is President and Chief Analyst of IMEX Research& Consulting, focused on NexGen Data-Center Infrastructures encompassing Servers, Storage, Networks and Data Management, Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Convergence technologies, products, solutions and practices. A 25-year veteran of the computer industry, he has held senior executive andoperational positions in technology and marketing with Fujitsu, Amdahl, Memorex/Unisys and startups. Presently as head of IMEX Research, he provides research and consulting advisory services and industry guidance in emerging technology markets to IT-50 companies and new startups. Mr. Vasudeva has a BSME (Panjab University), MSEE (University of Arizona), spent 3 years towards doctorate studies at UCLA and received his MBA from University of Santa Clara.


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