March 27 to 29 2017, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Chris Rupley" Details

Name :
chris rupley
Company :
Title :
Data Scientist
Topic :

Making big data human-digestible

Abstract :

Great stockpiles of data are not useful by themselves; we must be able to extract the information they contain. Ultimately, we will want this information to be consumed by a human in some way and our visual pathways are the highest-bandwidth routes to our mind’s eye. By selecting appropriate visualization vehicles, we are able to effectively take advantage of a person’s built-in hardware for understanding the world around them. This allows us to take large amounts of highly-dimensional data and shrink it down to the human scale.

Profile :
Chris Rupley is a data scientist at where he is helping to build their next-generation A.I. platform. He previously worked as a physicist analyzing laser-matter interactions and has a M.S and B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University.

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