March 27 to 29 2017, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Jari Koister" Details

Name :
jari koister
Company :
Title :
Vice President of Products
Topic :

Importance of Explanations in Decisions and Machine Learning.

Abstract :

Importance of Explanations in Decisions and Machine Learning.

Profile :

As VP for the FICO Decision Management Suite, Jari is leading product strategy, planning, execution and research Mr. Koister also oversees research into advanced analytics and AI and incorporation of these into DMS. The objective is to provide powerful capabilities that makes FICO’s and FICO Customer’s solutions successful and increasingly competitive. Previously Jari has been leading product and engineering team at companies such as, Twitter, Oracle. He has been leading research teams at Ericsson and HP Laboratories. Jari holds a Ph.D. in Distributed systems from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and is also adjunct professor at a Data Science program at UC Berkley, California.


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