March 27 to 29 2017, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "NAGENDRA KUMAR" Details

Name :
nagendra kumar
Company :
Title :
Lead Engineer
Topic :

Bots and the rise of Webviews

Abstract :

More people are messaging than ever before. Messaging bots are lightweight experiences designed to enhance user interactions and offer scalable ways for businesses and brands to reach people where they already are. The conversational interface of a messaging experience simplifies the complexity of interaction, but can sometimes limit the ability to build richer and more engaging experiences. To address this problem, the Messenger team at Facebook built and introduced webviews in Messenger. Webviews enable developers to create increasingly complex messaging interactions to provide a richer experience inside a bot. This capability will allow experiences to scale and more easily delight the over 1B people who use Messenger every month.

Profile :

I am an Engineering Lead in Facebook Messenger Platform Team.


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