March 27 to 29 2017, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Aidan Madigan-Curtis" Details

Name :
aidan madigan-curtis
Company :
Title :
Product Management
Topic :

Hacking IoT Hardware Development

Abstract :

Hacking early-stage hardware development -  - Managing product/feature ambiguity  - Sensor & Silicon selection (i.e. pre-certified modules) -Design considerations (SoC/CPU, RF, enclosures, WiFi/Cellular/Sub1Ghz & other comms protocols)   - Rapid development/prototyping tricks despite hardware's rigid build processes & timelines - Manufacturing partners - partner types (i.e. ODM, JDM, EMS), Bay Area resources, global resources - Global Logistics / 3PL - Product and development cost breakdown

Profile :
Aidan Madigan-Curtis is the Head of New Product Introduction for Samsara Networks, an a16z-backed IoT company focused on sensors and wireless gateways for Industrial applications. Previously, Ms. Madigan-Curtis was a Hardware Operations PM for System-in-Package technologies at Apple, Inc. She has ramped products into the iPhone and AppleWatch and loves bringing new technologies to market. Ms. Madigan-Curtis is originally Canadian; she holds a masters degree from Stanford University and undergraduate degree from Harvard University.

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