March 27 to 29 2017, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Giuseppe Mascarella" Details

Name :
giuseppe mascarella
Title :
Topic :

Machine Learning IoT and scenarios ROI

Abstract :

The Software of ML augments ROI at the consumption point. It transforms raw data into competitive advantage, cost savings, risk avoidance. Is this an all or nothing strategy, or can you slowly integrate ML into your IoT solution. What is the roadmap to embrace this competitive weapon? How do we develop a new generation organization. AGENDA How do get a bigger ROI with ML? Case Study: ML in Manufacturing Reference Architectures with Microsoft IoT suite, Amazon, etc

Profile :
Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella is a former Microsoft consulting manager and has won WW awards on leading cloud and business intelligence programs at a global level. He works as an Adjunct Prof. of Social Media Analytics and Data security at FAU and is a Principal at Value Amplify where he works on Machine Learning and IoT solutions

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