March 27 to 29 2017, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Michael Tennefoss" Details

Name :
michael tennefoss
Title :
Vice President
Topic :

Use IoT location-based services to create economic value

Abstract :

The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) comes from extracting and exploiting process, business, and customer data that are locked inside enterprises. Among the many types of contextual IoT data, location information is particularly insightful. In this session we will explore how IoT location-based services from Aruba help businesses answer three fundamental questions: Where am I? Where are they? Where is it? The answers to these questions enable us to find and to be found. To reach machines and automatically recall service records and user manuals, to guide first responders to occupied areas, and to quickly find assets and inventory. Attend this session to learn how Aruba location-based services can optimize operations, expedite predictive maintenance, improve user experiences, more better manage inventory and assets.

Profile :
Michael Tennefoss is Aruba’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, responsible for the company’s ecosystem of technology partners and strategic initiatives including Skype for Business, Office 365, data analytics, and the Internet of Things. Tennefoss has more than 32 years of product management and marketing experience in the networking and controls industries. Prior to joining Aruba in 2007, he was the Vice President of Marketing at Meru Networks, Echelon Corporation, and Vindicator Technologies.

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