Speaker "Alex Grigoryan" Details

Name :
alex grigoryan
Company :
Title :
Sr Director Engineering
Topic :

Avoiding React Performance Pitfalls

Abstract :

When @WalmartLabs built Electrode, the React/Node.js application platform that powers the Walmart.com customer experience, performance was one of our primary concerns. React’s use of a virtual DOM and support for server-side rendering have earned it a reputation for speed, but in building our platform we encountered several unexpected performance bottlenecks. In this talk, we’ll discuss the problems we found and how we solved them.

Profile :

Alex leads the Application Platform team @WalmartLabs and is responsible for the development of Electrode, an open source project that made it possible for Walmart.com to transition from Backbone/Java to React/Node.js in under a year. His focus is on reusability, performance and security while leveraging the latest technologies and best software engineering practices. Prior to @WalmartLabs, Alex was leading the team in charge of building the checkout experience at PayPal.


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