June 09 to 11 2017, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Alex Grigoryan" Details

Name :
alex grigoryan
Company :
Title :
Sr Director Engineering
Topic :

How to Achieve Reusability with React Components

Abstract :

React’s component model makes it easy to reuse UI code—but reusing components across projects, applications, and teams is only possible if developers can find, install, and rely on each other’s code. @WalmartLabs, we have hundreds of developers working across dozens of teams, and one of the biggest obstacles to their productivity is duplication of work that’s already been completed elsewhere in the organization. In this talk, you’ll learn about the technical means we used to achieve this goal, and the processes and policies that facilitate and encourage code reuse throughout @WalmartLabs.

Profile :

Alex leads the Application Platform team @WalmartLabs and is responsible for the development of Electrode, an open source project that made it possible for Walmart.com to transition from Backbone/Java to React/Node.js in under a year. His focus is on reusability, performance and security while leveraging the latest technologies and best software engineering practices. Prior to @WalmartLabs, Alex was leading the team in charge of building the checkout experience at PayPal.


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