June 09 to 11 2017, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Cassandra Shum" Details

Name :
cassandra shum
Company :
Title :
Software Engineer
Topic :

1) Pros/Cons of Microservices 2) Microservices workshop

Abstract :

1) It seems as if the whole world of software development is jumping on the bandwagon to move to a microservices architecture. There are a lot of good aspects to architecting a system in this fashion, but what about the downsides? Are microservices a silver bullet and will they solve all our problems? Cassie will present on the pros and cons of microservices and a better understanding of the things to consider and practices to follow to decide whether or not microservices are the best approach for them. 2) In a hands-on tutorial, Cassandra Shum explore microservices and demonstrate how to deploy service-oriented software using the popular DevOps tool Docker. Participants will learn a continuous delivery approach focused on building, testing, and deploying independent microservices to production continuously and autonomously. Topics include: Testing microservices and ensuring changes do not break dependent systems Deploying and scaling microservices in a multihost Docker environment Keeping different versions of microservices running side by side Service discovery Operational concerns Future trends Structure and audience

Profile :
Cassie is a Principal Consultant leading mobile in North America and is based in New York. For 7+ years at ThoughtWorks, she has primarily been leading and developing in a variety of mobile projects and also a wide range of other technologies and architectures including event driven systems and microservices. Cassie has also been involved in growing not only organizations in the delivery practices and organizational structure, but also the new generation of technologists. She is also one of the leaders in the initiative to organize the women’s group in ThoughtWorks and is also involved in promoting more female speakers in technology.

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